Monday, February 13, 2012


Love is an emotion that is impossible to capture in words.

Trying to express what love feels like (as opposed to what love is) is daunting. It’s not that there are no words to describe it. It’s that the words all seem inadequate.

Far better writers than I have tried. And many of them have done an admirable job. But as I said to Jim yesterday over a pre-Valentine’s Day brunch: maybe the reason there are so many love poems and love songs is that no one has ever managed to capture it perfectly.

And yet…we can’t help but try. So today, this is what is true for me: There is no such thing as falling in and out of love. Once I fall in love—with someone or someplace or something—there is no going back. And I can’t say that about any other emotion. Fear, sadness, anger, passion, hate—they all come. They all go.

Not love. Love feels like…forever.


  1. Maybe because trying to express what love feels like or what love is...involves action. And there are no words, or predictions, what love will do to declare itself.

  2. Don't you love those doors! I drive by them every day and never thought to stop and photograph them...

    1. They were really fabulous, right? So glad to see your comment actually show up on the blog! ; - )