Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What is on Your Nightstand?

My friend Stacey blogs every day.

And every day, when I read her posts, I feel guilty because I’m NOT.

I tell myself (and anyone who asks) that I’m okay with this state of affairs. But honestly—I’m feeling utterly inadequate.

The “experts” say it’s easy to get past the excuses: just pick one of a zillion prompts and write a few sentences. So since I have plenty of other reasons to feel inadequate, I’m stealing one of Stacey’s—which she got from Susannah Conway. I love the concept because our nightstands are a snapshot of where we are in this moment. And in this moment—hey look, I’m blogging!

What's on My Nightstand:

A glass of water (a last-ditch effort to compensate for not drinking enough during the day.)

Neosporin Overnight lip balm (my mom said it was the only thing that kept her lips from being perennially chapped—and she was right.)

A lavender candle (no, this calming scent does not soothe me into uninterrupted sleep—but I love the idea that it might.)

A quartz crystal (see above.)

Book Club book (What I read because I have to, not because I want to—although this month it’s The Chaperone and I’m actually enjoying it.)

Book I want to read (Pam Houston, because good laughs are in short supply these days.)