Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Resolutions Revolution

Resolutions or no resolutions? That is the question.

For some, New Year’s resolutions are crap. For others, they serve as a blueprint for change. For me—well, whether I go on record with them or not, I am definitely in the without-goals-my-life-is-directionless camp.

Regardless of where we fall on the spectrum, we all know that the issue is not making resolutions. It’s keeping them. After all, who wants to knowingly set themselves up to look foolish?

Not me. Not this year. Which is why I’m grateful to Susan Piver for offering up a fresh perspective on the whole darn thing. Rather than paraphrase, here’s the idea in her words:

“…stop making lists of hoped-for accomplishments. Instead of writing down “exercise more”…I try to spend some time feeling what I wish to become…One thing I always long for is more energy. But rather than hoping to somehow become that person in the future, I experiment with becoming that person right now by becoming her on the inside. For example, if I tell you right now to flash on what it would feel like to have all the energy in the world, you can do that, right? Just flash. Don’t try to hold on. Don’t try to build a story about how to get that way or why you can never be that way—just be that way. For a second. Then let go. This is a great start."

This makes so much more sense to me than pinning my hopes on a handful of promises I'll try my best to make good on. So here’s what I’ll be “flashing” on in the days and months ahead:

• Organizing my mind
• Feeling better in (and about) my body
• Living authentically (hiding less, shining more)

And I wish for you the fulfillment of whatever your heart and soul desires.