Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One of my intentions for the year is to read a poem every day.

Yesterday I opened "The Best of It," a collection of Kay Ryan's poetry, at random. This poem stared back at me from the page. After reading it, I smiled and said, "YES!" out loud. If you read my "White Space" post, you'll understand why...

Happy New Year, indeed!

Leaving Spaces
It takes a courageous
person to leave spaces
empty. Certainly any
artist in the Middle Ages
felt this timor, and quickly
covered space over
with griffins, sea serpents,
herbs and brilliant carpets
of flowers--things pleasant
or unpleasant, no matter.
Of course they were cowards
and patronized by cowards
who liked their swards as
filled with birds as leaves.
All of them believed in
sudden edges and completely
barren patches in the mind,
and they didn't want to
think about them all the time.

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